Good News

February 3rd, 2021

PWB Angel Gift Card Tree Benefiting Jesse’s House

During Christmas the light of PWB shined brightly for the girls at Jesse’s House, a local non-profit that works with neglected and abused youth females.

In mid November, we announced our PWB Angel Gift Card Tree and with the help of many outstanding community members and Foundation supporters these girls were given a Christmas we hope they will never forget. It was our hope that these special young ladies know they are strong, they are beautiful inside and out, they are loved, and most importantly they are worthy.

It brings us immense joy to announce that each resident at Jesse’s House received the following:

*An individual Christmas tree for each of their rooms that they were able to decorate.

*Each tree was adorned with the following gift cards:

  • *$200 Visa
  • *$50 Walmart
  • *$50 Target
  • *$25 Target
  • *$25 Five & Below
  • *Handmade Bracelet

**Not only did every resident receive a handmade bracelet, but every staff member received one as well, thanks to Stephanie and Ashton Beeghley with Ashton Leigh’s Beads.

**The girls were also gifted a special dinner that they enjoyed from one of their favorite places!

As we were leaving from dropping off the food and gifts, one of the staff members made a comment that resonated deep inside our soul…The generosity of PWB Joy of Hope Foundation will not go unnoticed because the girls of Jesse’s House will most definitely have a very Merry Christmas but especially for a 14 year old resident who had never celebrated Christmas before. The true meaning of Christmas will be brought to light through the kindness of giving to others.

We all have the responsibility to be participants in a world that gives back to others, to use our voice and actions as an advocate for people who aren’t always heard. Just think of the lessons that are being instilled into our children. For this is why we chose to spread the Joy of Hope in Parker’s honor.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the supporters of PWB Joy of Hope Foundation. Without your love, kindness, and generosity we would not have been able to grant as many holiday wishes.