Good News

January 19th, 2022

PWB Christmas Angel Gift Card Trees

PWB Joy of Hope Foundation is truly humbled and blessed to have been able to contribute towards eleven special Christmas’ for an amazing group of young ladies at The Place Cottage and Jesse’s House this Christmas!

Jesse’s House, is a local non-profit that works with neglected and abused youth females.

The Place Cottage, is a local non-profit that works with females who are 18 to early 20’s who have aged out of foster care and are facing homelessness but have a desire to continue with their educational/vocational pathways.

With the help of friends, family, and community partners, PWB Joy of Hope Foundation was able to gift all 11 girls the following: $200 Gift Card Trees: $50 Walmart, $50 Walmart $50 Target, $25 Target, $25 Five Below, Handmade beaded bracelet donated by Ashton Leigh Beads, Bath and Body Works 3 piece lotion, perfume spray, and lip gloss set, Tons of tolietary, beauty/makeup, and stationary items that were donated by the South Forsyth High School Boys and Girl’s Lacrosse Teams, and a Soft and Cuddly Velvet Blanket.

Also, Jesse’s House received a $500 gift card to Dream Dinners ~ a local culinary kitchen where the girls can go and prep for various meals throughout the year and get a hands on fun experience in the kitchen!

Tonight when we dropped off their Christmas gifts we also provided dinner and dessert for the night and stocked their fridge with all their favorite drinks!

For these young women who have no family or come from a toxic family environment, they too still have dreams for a better future, and we hope this can bring them Joy and Hope this holiday season!

When you hear about a resident that gets to go visit their future adoptive parents over the holiday and start making memories of their 1st Christmas together, or stories of the girls being able to go holiday shopping but they buy Christmas gifts to give away to their siblings and family instead of choosing gifts for themselves, or you hear about a 14 year old resident that was living at the residential facility last year and was experiencing the magic of Christmas for the first time, or residents that lived at the house last year and are still current residents who are very thankful of the kindness shown to them… these are the reasons why we choose to shine Parker’s light in our community.

We can only hope this Christmas is a truly magical one for all!