Good News

January 25th, 2024

PWB Light Shines Bright

💙 H O M E 💙

To some this word may mean a building or structure that one lives in. While I would agree, HOME meant so much more last night. HOME is where our community came together and honored PWB Joy of Hope Foundation as well as the SUDC Foundation as our local Cumming Water Tower was shining ever so brightly with ❤💙💛 lights.

The ❤ lights were in honor of our sweet Parker Wade Burch (PWB) and the PWB Joy of Hope Foundation.

The 💙 and 💛 lights are in honor of every family who has been affected by the

Sudden Unexplained Death in Children (SUDC). SUDC Awareness Month begins in March, but there is no better time to bring more awareness to our community.

SUDC is the sudden and unexpected death of a child 12 months or older that remains unexplained after a thorough investigation.

💙 Affects ~ 400 children annually between the ages of 1-18.

💛 5th leading category of death in children ages 1-4 years old.

💙 Limited awareness in the medical field and SUDC stats are not included in reports to Congress.

💛 SUDC receives no targeted public funding for research.

💙 Learn more at