Good News

July 22nd, 2020

The Place of Forsyth

PWB Joy of Hope Foundation is happy to introduce yet another partner charity that we are honored to team up with.

The Place of Forsyth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Social Service Organization that has passionately served residents of Forsyth County since 1975 when it was founded by four Dominican Nuns. The sisters offered the residents assistance with financial needs, clothing, food and even tutoring children. Throughout their 40 years, they have been the catalyst for several agencies that had their beginnings as programs at The Place. Today they serve the community with financial emergency assistance, clothing, food, and many additional support services. In August 2015, they started a workforce development initiative in conjunction with several local agencies to help the under employed and unemployed prepare for and secure jobs. They also embraced an 8 year old service, Focus on Forsyth, which helps needy households through referrals from schools and the senior center. Through their services to the community they are changing lives in Forsyth County, Georgia.

In addition, The Place operates a thrift store onsite that provides affordable merchandise to the public, as well as a food service program and community garden. 

They know that most businesses and individuals want to live with PURPOSE, but may struggle with knowing how. At The Place of Forsyth, they work with those companies and people to unite their resources to the needs in our community enabling them to become agents of change.