Good News

February 3rd, 2021

Volunteering at the Meals By Grace Food Pantry

To say that I am completely humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for Meals by Grace is an understatement.

This morning our good friend Courtney, and I volunteered at the Meals by Grace client choice food pantry. Our eyes were definitely opened to the needs of our fellow community members. During our 4 hour shift, we helped pack roughly 80 family pantry bags (that’s an average of 320 people), pack snack bags for student break bags, deliver bags to the clients cars, and restock the pantry shelves.

There were definitely moments when I felt myself getting teary eyed looking into the eyes of my fellow neighbors and seeing that they looked the same as you and I, they talk the same as you and I, but they have fallen on hardship and need our assistance. They were still gracious, humbled, blessed, and most of all human.

After reading this article…/and volunteering today it has made me completely rethink what I need to give for food drives. Like you, I’ve been guilty of giving the pie filling in the back of the pantry. But not anymore…when I know better, I do better. My eyes are wide open now to something I should have thought of on my own.

If you are local, I challenge you to grab a few extra jars of pasta sauce (HUGE need every week) and drop it off to help Meals by Grace prepare to feed many families this holiday season.

If you live out of town, you can always donate using this Amazon wish list and everything will be shipped directly to Meals by Grace:

If you are interested in volunteering with Meals by Grace, please check this out link: